The next standard in task scheduling on Heroku applications

"Advanced Scheduler is the best Heroku add-on for running scheduled tasks."

Advanced Features

Built on Heroku

Use any command that can run in your Heroku application. Advanced Scheduler works similar to Heroku Scheduler. Tasks will run as one-off dynos and show up in your application's logs, using the same environment as your application's dynos.

More Flexibility

Advanced Scheduler enables you to run one-off as well as recurring tasks using a dyno type tailored to the job. Schedule your task to be executed only when you need it to, may it be every 3 hours or “at 00:00 New York time on the 1st day of the month and on Monday”.

Out-of-the-box Monitoring

By default, Advanced Scheduler monitors the executions of your tasks. Whenever a task fails to run properly, we will notify you, allowing you to quickly tackle the issue.

Automate, Extend and Combine

The Advanced Scheduler Service API lets you programmatically automate, extend and combine Advanced Scheduler with other services. You can use the Service API to create and manage triggers.
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